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How Does A Root Canal Treatment Work?

How does a root canal treatment work? Floss Dental Surrey

Root Canal 101

What are the Signs a Root Canal Might Be in My Future?

Have you been experiencing pain when you chew or sensitivity to hot and cold? If your jaw is swollen and painful to touch, you may be suffering from an abscessed tooth. Other symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, tooth discoloration, drainage, or sores in gum tissue. Unfortunately, if the nerve has died, there may be no outward symptoms for some time, but that does not necessarily mean the infection died with it. Your Surrey dentist can determine if root canal treatment is right for you.

Once the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, the nerve structure will die in time. When this occurs, pain and swelling often follow. A root canal becomes the best option for many Surrey residents to preserve their natural tooth structure.

What to Expect During Root Canal Treatment in Surrey, BC

A root canal begins much like the regular filling of a cavity with a local anesthetic. As long as the tooth is properly anesthetized, the root canal treatment is virtually painless. The roots are cleared of infection, decay, and all nerve tissues. Once the tooth is prepared, it is filled with gutta-percha to seal out fluids to prevent future infection. The core is built up to strengthen the tooth from within, and a crown is custom-made to look and feel like the natural tooth it is now fortifying.

How Successful Are Root Canals?

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, the skill of your endodontist comes into play, so you are one of the 95 percent of patients who experience successful root canals. You should also take into consideration that tooth extraction can lead to tooth replacement costs and a possible need for orthodontic treatment to gain the lost space down the road. Root canal therapy is meant to save teeth and allow healing.

Can I Afford a Root Canal?

Root canal cost is often an inhibitive factor in dental care. At Floss Dental, we want our patients to get the dental care they need, when they need it. Most insurance plans cover a percentage of endodontic procedures, but we aim to make it even easier for our patients by offering two flexible financing options.

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