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How To Brush Your Child’s Teeth


At Floss Dental, we understand the importance of forming good dental hygiene habits from an early age, which is why we want to support all of our loyal patients in passing their good habits onto their children. If you are about to introduce your young baby to the world of dental hygiene, take a read through these helpful tips to get you started.

  1. Start Early

As soon as you notice teeth beginning to emerge from their gums, start regularly cleaning your baby’s teeth. Frequent cleaning will ensure that your child becomes quickly accustomed to the sensation of tooth brushing and will be less likely to cry, or complain when it comes time to brush their teeth each day.

  1. Use a soft washcloth, or finger brush

Until several teeth come in, use a clean washcloth or textured finger brush to gently clean the area of each tooth and stimulate the gums around each tooth to produce bacteria-fighting saliva.

  1. Brush regularly

Your baby may only have a few teeth, but it is important to brush regularly, as you would with your own teeth. As with adult teeth, baby’s teeth should be brushed at least twice in each 24-hour period. Brush in the morning after breakfast and in the evenings just before bedtime.

  1. Pay attention to how you brush

Make sure that you brush the entire surface of each tooth evenly and without too much pressure. You want to avoid irritating the gums around each tooth, as it can cause your baby additional pain to the general teething discomfort they may already be experiencing. It is also important to use an appropriate amount of toothpaste – most dentists recommend starting off with a portion similar to the size of a grain of rice.

  1. Consult your dentist before switching to a toothbrush

Every baby develops differently, so it is important to have a consultation with your dentist before you move up to a bristled toothbrush. If your baby’s teeth and gums are not ready, using a toothbrush too soon can cause some pain and discomfort. Your dentist can inspect your baby’s dental progress and advise you accordingly about when to introduce a toothbrush.

The experienced team at Floss Dental offers round the clock support to families for all of their dental needs; so if you have any questions, concerns, or need advice, you can easily make an appointment through our website, or by phone.