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Top 7 Invisalign FAQs Answered

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How is Invisalign Different From Traditional Braces?

Invisalign lacks the sharp edges and wires of traditional braces. Made of a clear thermoplastic material, the aligner trays are smooth and virtually invisible. Cleaning teeth gets tricky with brackets and wires in the way. With Invisalign, you remove the trays to eat and brush.

How Does Invisalign Work?

After the development of a custom treatment plan, a set of clear aligner trays are made to gradually move teeth from their current location to their final position. Controlled force moves each tooth in increments through the treatment process. The timing of each movement is intentional and part of your Surrey dentist’s plan. All teeth do not move simultaneously. Your dentist uses their specialized training and state-of-the-art equipment to map out the precise movement of your teeth.

Do the Clear Aligners Require Special Care?

Invisalign offers a specialized Cleaning System that does a stellar job keeping each tray stain free and disinfected. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use your regular A.D.A. approved toothpaste and soft-bristled brush to clean the trays each time you brush your teeth. Make sure you use lukewarm water, since hot water can cause the plastic to warp.

Can Invisalign be Used if I’ve Had Braces or Certain Restorations?

Patients who have had braces in the past don’t relish experiencing metal brackets and wires again. Some people opt to swap out the brackets on the more visible top teeth for a clear aligner tray. Ask your trusted Surrey, BC dentist if treatment using a combination of traditional braces and Invisalign is right for you.

Many people who had braces when they were younger would like to lecture their younger self about the importance of wearing a retainer. When you are ready to correct teeth that shifted after braces, ask Dr. Kolar about Invisalign. Invisalign offers a solution for people who wish to avoid cutting their gums on brackets or broken wires again. Adults and teens seem to like avoiding the embarrassment of food trapped in braces by removing the trays to eat.

Bridgework may throw a monkey wrench in your Invisalign hopes. Bridges replace one or more missing teeth using surrounding teeth as anchors, so they often render the aligner trays ineffective since the aligners work by moving each tooth independently. Dr. Kolar determines eligibility for Invisalign on a case-by-case basis, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Are Certain Foods and Drinks Off Limits with Invisalign?

No. You have to remove your aligner trays to eat or drink anything but water, so they won’t be in your mouth regardless of snack choices. There are no brackets to pull off with taffy or wires to break with hard candy. Floss Dental Clinic does not advocate overindulgence in sweets and sugary drinks, but it is easier to clean teeth after indulging when you can brush away the sugars effectively.

Smoking Stains Teeth, But Will it Stain the Clear Aligners?

Yes, in time, smoking will cause discoloration of the aligners. As long as you wear the aligners-22 hours per day, they will work as intended. You are better of removing the trays when you smoke, then brushing and rinsing teeth (if possible) before replacing the trays.

Will I Need a Retainer After I Complete My Course of Clear Aligner Therapy?

While each individual is unique, most people need retainers for a period of time to prevent the teeth from slowly drifting back to their former positions. Orthodontics reshape how the teeth and jaw bones fit together, so as the healing process continues after treatment, teeth should stabilize further. There is a possibility that you will wear a retainer indefinitely.Vivera retainers are 30% stronger than similar clear retainers

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