Dr. Hardev Dhillon


Hardev Dhillon, characterized as a gentle and caring fellow, was born and raised in India where he indulged in study - earning himself a Dental Degree in 1995 where his career as both dental practitioner and educator began. Not only did he maintain a dental practice - the entrepreneurial part of dentistry, his dreams of dentistry spread throughout fifteen years as a dental educator - his passion of teaching and lecturing students on topics ranging from advanced dental materials and technology to delicate and complex restorative procedures in agreement to the ever-changing field of dentistry. He held various dental educator positions from Assistant Professor to Course Director in Dental Materials. Dr Dhillon, with his dream of becoming a influential dentist, wrote a multitude of nationally published articles with great distinction on dental restorative materials and procedures.


Dr Dhillon's journey to Canada began in 2010 where he and his family moved to the United States San Francisco to attend the University of Pacific School of Dentistry where on June 2016, he earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery. Upon graduation, Dr Dhillon worked as an Associate Dentist in Washington, USA for several months as he was in the process of relocating to British Columbia, Canada.

For the past two years, Dr Hardev Dhillon had been working full-time as an Associate in clinics in various clinics around British Columbia, Canada ranging from Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission. With 22 years of experience as a Professor in the School of Dentistry and as a General Dentist, Dr Dhillon has gained extensive experience in wisdom teeth extraction, minor oral surgical procedures, implant restorations, apical surgeries, endodontics and complex restorative techniques. He is also a licensed dentist for Oral and Nitrous Oxide sedation for kids, use of lasers and Invisalign.

Hardev and his wife, Aanchal live with their two children, Sajneet 14, and Adeshwar 11, in Surrey. Aanchal is also a dentist practicing in Vancouver and White Rock. Quiet time is important to both Hardev and Aanchal and they spend as much time as possible with their children and a large extended family on both sides living in the lower mainland. They love to explore other countries and they have traveled extensively with their children throughout the world and it is their hope that they will be continuing this for many years to come.