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Dental Hygiene - Teeth Cleaning

Its a fact - everyone has 2 sets of teeth throughout our lives, our baby and adult teeth. While our baby teeth will eventually fall out, our adult teeth should last us through out the rest of our lives - if properly maintained.

And this is the reason at Floss Dental - as dentists in Surrey BC, would like to ensure your teeth are fully maintained so you are prepared for every occasion of your life from meeting your special loved one to expanding your career as healthy teeth and oral hygiene is an essential element to promoting confidence with-in yourself. Our 6 month dental cleaning and hygiene program is aimed to provide you with tips and tricks to ensure your teeth are always in top condition - cleansing your teeth from the constant everyday use. Combine this with a dental exam every 6 month with our highly qualified dentists - the assurance that your dental health is healthy, you will have a proven strategy for maintaining your teeth for you will be ready to smile confidently, giving you the edge in bringing others closer to you with a bright pearly smile.

Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth

Each teeth cleaning or dental hygiene appointment consists of the following:

  • A Dental Exam - to view and analyze your oral health ensuring no further treatment is necessary. This usually requires X-rays.

  • Scaling - to remove the accumulation of dental plaque and calculus on the surface of your teeth.

  • Root Planing - to remove the accumulation of dental plaque and calculus surrounding your teeth's roots.

  • Polish - to smooth out the surface of your teeth for aesthetic purpose - to give your teeth shine - the magical ding.

  • Fluoride Rinse - to rebuild the minerals - the fluoridation of your teeth, making your teeth more decay resistance.

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