Happy Children

Floss Dental provides a comprehensive range of dental services. We treat children from infancy through adolescence and have significant experience in caring for and helping children with special needs. Some of the more common issues our  dentists help to address are dental cavities, misaligned or impacted teeth, gum disease.



  • Routine check-ups and prevention (fluoride application, fissure sealant, space maintainer)

  • Dental Caries (Stainless steel crown, Pulpotomy, white composite or amalgam fillings)

  • Malocclusion, delayed eruption

  • Impacted teeth

  • Supernumerary and fused or double teeth

  • Neonatal Teeth

  • Soft Tissue Pathology (eruption cyst, ulcers)

  • Developmental defect of tooth structure

  • Emergencies