Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

Is Dental Fear Harming Your

Oral Health?

It is very common for people to fear going to the dentist. For many, it is an unpleasant but manageable experience. For others, the very thought of visiting the dentist can cause different levels of anxiety resulting in delayed treatment or avoiding the visit altogether. Unfortunately, this can spiral into a vicious cycle of dental disease and pain, health problems, even worse anxiety affecting the quality of your life, more complex and expensive dental procedures.

There are multiple reasons and triggers of dental anxiety. These could  be previous traumatic experiences, fear of needles and drills, or simply the smell of dental materials used. Because the origin of fear can vary from patient to patient, it is critical to identify your fears and share this with your dentist so that they can help you overcome it.

Management of Anxiety

We at Floss Dental completely understand that dental anxiety can be a very intense sensation and completely out of ones control. Our goal is to help you overcome your fear and anxiety by taking small steps with a team of caring and experienced professionals, all within a calm and relaxing environment.

We highly encourage that you explore a combination of the following options to reduce anxiety prior to considering medications. Relaxation exercises such as focused breathing and meditation can slow your heart rate and put you at ease. Many people find bringing distractions to the dental chair to be effective. Examples include headphones for music or podcasts,  a stress relief ball that can be squeezed with your hands to release tension during the procedure. Kids can bring their favourite toy to the appointment for relaxation. You can also bring a friend or family with you to comfort you. The dentist can prescribe you anti anxiety medications which you can take one hour prior to your scheduled dental appointment.

Take away message

Managing your dental anxiety will involve a combination of the above options. Talk with your dentist and explain exactly what makes you nervous about the visit. Your dentist will do a careful review of your medical history in order to make safe recommendations while considering your overall health. And lastly, visit your dentist regularly even if you are not in dental pain. This is the best way to prevent painful experiences and more complex and costly procedures.

We can get your smile back on track at a pace you find comfortable. Give us a call today!

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