Many people lose some or all of their teeth due to various reasons. Dentures are a solution for the replacement of multiple or completely missing natural teeth. This is the treatment of choice if there are insufficient teeth to support a fixed bridge. The selection of partial or complete dentures depends on the patient’s treatment requirements.

Several impressions of the mouth are taken using various types of putty materials. These are then cast into a mould which is used by a laboratory to custom manufacture your denture. There are many different types of teeth to choose from in different sizes and shades.

We also pay attention to the appearance of the artificial gum. You will be guided through the process and given the opportunity to assist in the choice of teeth and therefore the resulting appearance. Dental implants are becoming the alternative option to dentures, but if dentures are the only solution, then there is no need to have teeth that look false. With careful planning and thought even full dentures can be made to look natural.

Partial Versus Full Dentures

Partial dentures are usually used when few teeth are missing and are removable, while complete or full dentures are used when all the teeth missing. Full dentures are often referred to as “false teeth”, and they are removable as well.

Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are also used to fill the gap of one or more missing teeth, but they are removable. These dentures take support from remaining natural teeth by help of metal clasps. You can remove these dentures by yourself for cleaning and at night.

Full Dentures

If all your upper and lower teeth, or either arch natural teeth are completely missing, then full dentures are the treatment of choice. Traditional or conventional full dentures are held in place with suction, the area covered by the denture base and alveolar bone.

Implant Supported Complete Dentures

Another type of full denture is the Implant Supported Complete Denture. Unlike traditional full dentures, implants are surgically placed in jaw bones which has a special attachment at the top outside gums and an attachment at the bottom to fit the complete denture on implants and secure the denture in the patient’s mouth.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed teeth, which are also known as fixed bridge, are a set of artificial teeth which fills the gap of one or more missing teeth and takes support from neighbouring natural teeth or held in place by dental implants.

Why Wear Dentures?

After loss of all teeth, sometimes the muscles of the face sags which can make you look older. Proper denture fabrication closely resembles your natural teeth, so that your natural appearance does not change. Therefore, dentures can provide you with a better, healthier and more confident smile. If you have missing teeth, dentures help provide better support your mouth structure. They also make it possible for you to eat foods that require chewing to ensure that you can maintain a healthy well-balanced diet. Dentures make it possible for you to speak clearly which helps you for better interaction in society.

How long can dentures last?

As dentures are made of artificially material, they are very durable and with proper care they can last several years. The main reason why dentures may need replacement is usually because as we get older there are natural changes in jawbone, like resorption of the jawbone leading to loosening of dentures. If you attend regular dental checkups, your dentist will be able to provide reline/rebase of loose dentures.

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